The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965

The Judgement Of Ali

Translated by S. Folwer Wright

Note: One typed M.S. page remains. See 'literary notes' - written Dec 29 & 30th. 1941.

A Baluch Legend

      Shot struggling downward from the skies above,
      A hawk entangled with a harmless dove
      Fell blindly to the judgement seat; and when
      The grave eyes of Ali, the King of Men,
      Looked down upon them in his lap that lay,
      The hawk was swifter than the dove to say:
      "Hail, Lord of Faith! Let not thy voice reject
      The justice of my plea. Where dawns reflect
      The crag that rises midst the Meeting Streams,
      A tree rock-rooted takes the morning's beams,
      And all the weight of tempest. There I built
      My hazardous nest, and thence, with God to aid,
      This morn to feed my starving brood I flew.
      Long hours I searched before at last I knew
      My prayer was heard. This dove's too-venturous flight
      Betrayed it in the skies' unsheltered height.
      No justice can withhold my taken prey;
      For how, except by God's design I slay,
      Can life be mine?"

          The trembling dove replied:
      "Oh, King of Men! and was not God my guide
      To find thy mercy? Where the woods are wide
      Beneath Mount Bambor is my home, and there
      My hungry children wait. Except I bear
      The corn to feed them that my crop contains
      They can but die. Such cause of right constrains
      That my deliverance will thy lips declare;
      For now beneath thy sight the truth is bare."

      Then judgement gave the King of Men: "Not I,
      My brother, can thy reasoned right deny.
      Yet fear not, sister. . . . Bring a knife." And when

The End