The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965

Life Without Hazard

by S. Fowler Wright

Morning Post

Life Without Hazard.

        Liberty and Hardship. - I must write a line of congratulation upon the article on 'The Liberty of the Subject'. It is an unusual pleasure to read one so clearly written, and so exactly and entirely true: and a sufficient justification of the effort I make when abroad to obtain the 'Morning Post' in preference to other English newspapers of narrower outlook.

        It would be going too far to say that civilisation cannot survive a condition of self-organised slavery.

        But all recorded history shows that a civilisation has doomed itself when it prefers comfort to liberty. Life without hazard is valueless, and is quickly so contemned by those who have gained it.

        It is the next (and fatal) step to say that it is better that our children should not be born than that such births should entail a risk of hardship, either for ourselves or them.

S. Fowler Wright,

Valence-sur-Rhone, France.

The End