The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
Ordeal Of Barata 402K BUY Fiction Herbert Jenkins Ltd 1939 Complete 65900   Romantic, political intrigue.
Red Ike 600K BUY Fiction Hutchinson 1931 Complete 100950   Later as Under the Brunchstone. Redaction of J.M. Denwood's Cumberland. Best seller.
Seven Thousand In Israel 549K BUY Fiction Jarrolds 1931 Complete 93450   1930's English business failure / family life.
Under The Brutchstone (600K)   Fiction Coward Mc Cann 1931 Complete (100950)   Initially as Red Ike. Serialised in Evening News Aug-Sep. 1931. Bristol Times & Mirror Oct. 1931.