The Works of Sydney Fowler Wright 1874 - 1965
Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
A Day In Dallas N/A   Missing Written 1939   Unavailable     Long short story.
A Question Of Temptation N/A   Missing Written 4.4.35   Unavailable     Sent to Newnes for 'The Strand'.
Beyond This War N/A   Missing Written 1942   Unavailable     Possibly titled 'After This War'.
The Bomb That Laughed N/A   Missing 'Inside', magazine   Unavailable     'Inside' paid to print this story - not known if published by them.
The Broken Key N/A   Missing     Unavailable      
Can There Be Peace? N/A   Missing Written 9.7.35   Unavailable     Possibly published in 'John O'London'. First of projected series.
The Cost Of Crime N/A   Missing     Unavailable     About 1000 words - written at Manor House, Sunningdale.
Her Soul and a New Laid Egg N/A   Missing Written Dec. 1938   Unavailable      
Honour N/A   Missing Re-written 3.12.37   Unavailable     Possibly published in 'Saturday Review'.
Murder At The Queen's Supper N/A   Missing     Unavailable      
The Stars & Stripes N/A   Missing Written June 1941   Unavailable     Some verses sent to Terence Horsley.
Studies In Contemporary Poetry N/A   Missing     Unavailable      
Under Ten N/A   Missing Short Story   Unavailable     Long short story - Plague wipes out world's adults - children run the world.
What Is A Dollar Worth? N/A   Missing Written Apr. 1934   Unavailable     Article.
Who Laughs Last N/A   Missing     Unavailable      
The Will N/A   Missing Revised 1938   Unavailable      
Winston Churchill Article N/A   Missing Written Dec. 1940   Unavailable      
Yugoslavian manuscript N/A   Missing Written 1942   Unavailable     Manuscript lost. From Books of Today editorship (1942). Failure to proceed caused S.FW's resignation.